Interesting links...

This is a small collection of sites related to computer chess and other worth knowing things.

Computer chess

JetChess - a very fast mate solver and performance tester

ChessBase - the makers of Fritz and lots of other chess related software

Computer, Schach & Spiele - German computer chess magazine

Schach-Notizen - site about computer chess (German)

CSS forum - discussing everything related to computer chess (German)

WinBoard forum - discussing mainly chess engines and tournaments

This and that

bridgeflo - the site about bridge, the chess of card-games

babelscript - a scripting language for data mining in the internet

AreThereNews - informs you about any news on your favorite web sites

Google News - the first news paper edited entirely by a computer

Karandor - live role-playing games in dwarf empire Karandor

Robert A. Heinlein - American author (1907-1988) who made lots of inventions and got NASA's Distinguished Public Service Medal for making space exploration popular and believable

Millenium Problems - earn $7 million by answering these questions

Wikipedia - large open-content encyclopedia


Prolog - language for logic programming

Smalltalk - the first object-oriented programming language (includes a complete OS)

wxWidgets - the best (and free) framework for cross-platform UI programming